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Halo Connect & Bp Premier

For security reasons, this page obscures some details of how Bp Premier works. Please see the Bp Premier documentation for clarification.

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Definitions Basics For practices For integrators


Many of the following terms are explained in more detail elsewhere in these docs. The following is just a quick reference guide.

Term Definition More info
Practice server A server which supports one or more practices, on which Bp Premier is installed.
Bp Site A practice or group of practices running Bp Premier using one license. See below.
Bp Site ID Bp Premier's unique identifier for a site using one Bp Premier license. See below.
Halo Cloud Halo Connect's collection of API products. Link
Halo Link Halo Connect's local agent which enables communication with on-premise PMS databases. Link
Halo Site A practice server or a development environment which has Halo Link installed.
Halo GUID Halo Connect's unique identifer for each practice server with Halo Link installed. Link


As of the July 2023 Bp Premier Data Update, Halo Link is installed with Bp Premier. Integrators are being asked to connect via Halo Connect by January 2025, as part of a push towards more secure integrations and better interoperability between Bp Premier and Bp Omni.

For practices, this simplifies the process of installing Halo Link, and therefore the process of enabling integrations.

See the Halo Link installation guide for more information.

Please note that:

  • Halo Link's requirements must still be met for it to be installed, even if installing via Bp Premier.
  • If you uninstall Halo Link, it will likely be reinstalled next time you install or update Bp Premier.

Bp controls integrator access

Halo Connect's products allow integrators to run queries on practice servers, but we do not control which practices integrators can connect to or what data integrators can access. Access control remains with Bp, and works the same as it did before Halo Connect. Specifically:

  • Enabling integrators: Integrators can only connect to a practice via Halo Connect if they have been enabled by that practice in the 3rd party integrations screen in Bp Premier.
  • Data access: Integrators can only access the database tables and stored procedures Bp have given them access to.

In addition, Halo Connect has its own access and authorisation systems which build on top of Bp's systems, but these do not replace any of Bp's own systems.

Bp Site IDs and Halo GUIDs

A Bp Site ID and a Halo GUID are not the same.

A Bp Site ID is a unique identifier for a Bp Site, allocated by Bp Premier, which can refer to one or more clinics or locations using the same Bp Premier licence. A site could also have one or more servers running Bp Premier. For example, in the case of a live production server and a backup server. These servers would have the same Bp Site ID.

A Halo GUID is a unique identifier for a single Halo Link installation.

If a practice is running multiple servers or has done a server migration since first installing Halo Link, that practice has most likely installed Halo Link multiple times. This would have resulted in multiple different Halo GUIDs being assigned to that practice, and linked to its singular Bp Site ID.

For example:

graph TB
    subgraph Practice
        direction BT
        subgraph Main server
            direction BT
            BP1[Bp Premier: Site ID 1234]
            HL1[Halo Link: Halo GUID abcd]
            HL1 --> BP1
        subgraph Backup server
            direction BT
            BP2[Bp Premier: Site ID 1234]
            HL2[Halo Link: Halo GUID wxyz]
            HL2 --> BP2

For security reasons, Halo Connect restricts integrator access to only one server per practice. This is called the authoritative server. This has the following implications:

  • When migrating practice servers, please notify Halo Connect so we can update which server is designated as authoritative. See the Halo Link introduction for more information about server migrations.
  • When integrators receive a 403 Forbidden error from querying a site that previously worked, this is likely because the site's authoritative server changed and the query was sent to the now-non-authoritative server. See the Halo Cloud overview for more information regarding fetching the authoritative Halo GUID.

See the Halo Cloud overview for more information about authoritative vs non-authoritative servers.

Handling "locations"

Bp Premier has a concept of multiple locations -- multiple practices or clinics using one Bp Premier license and database.

Halo Connect isn't concerned with locations -- Halo Link and Halo Cloud just see one database. It is up to integrators to account for locations in their integrations.

For practices

Finding your Bp Site ID

Your Bp Site ID can be found in Bp Premier. Select Help > About from the main Bp Premier screen. Your Site ID is displayed in the bottom left of the screen.

Enabling integrations

Halo Link does not give integrators access to any of your data until you enable them in the 3rd party integrations screen in Bp Premier.

You will also need to provide the integrator with your Bp Site ID. This will allow them to fetch your Halo GUID from Halo Cloud, which they will use like an address or username to send queries to your server.

For integrators

Exchanging Bp Site IDs for Halo GUIDs

Bp Premier customers are able to view their Bp Site ID in Bp Premier, but accessing their Halo GUID requires checking the log files or registry. However, integrator queries must be routed by Halo GUID. Therefore, in order to make finding that information easier on integrators and practices, integrators can trade Bp Site IDs for Halo GUIDs via the Get Halo GUID API endpoint.

See the workflows detailed in the Halo Cloud overview for more information.

Developer licenses and Bp Site IDs

When using Bp Premier with a developer license, Bp Premier assigns the site the Bp Site ID 0.

  • When running in production, Halo Link will not connect to a Bp Premier instance with Bp Site ID 0 as a security precaution.
  • When running in staging, Halo Link will connect, however the site will be assigned a fake Bp Site ID by Halo Link in order to give it a unique identifier. This fake Site ID can be retrieved from the Halo Link logs or the registry:
    • The Halo Link registry can be found in the Registry Editor at Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Halo Connect\Halo Link.
    • More information about logs is available in the Support docs.

Accessing multiple databases with the SQL Passthrough API

Bp Premier has multiple databases. At this time, Halo Link only directly connects to the main patient data database. However, integrators can query other databases by specifying the database name within their SQL query provided.

API reference terms

In the Halo API reference, a practiceManagementSiteId refers to a Bp Site ID.