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Your best contact for different types of issues is:

For issues with... Contact...
PMS database or software PMS vendor
One specific PMS integration Integration vendor
Multiple PMS integrations Halo Connect
Halo Link installation, updates, or performance Halo Connect

If your issue appears to be with Halo Connect, please follow the escalation steps below.


Completing these steps allows our team to better serve you, and find a resolution faster when escalating technical issues and errors. If not provided, Halo Support will ask you for all of the below information during your interactions with our team.

  1. Check the known issues and identify if you are experiencing any of them
  2. Work through the basic troubleshooting guide
  3. Make note of the site's Halo Guid to reference when raising a support ticket
  4. Based on the type of issue, and if possible, please gather the relevant logs. If you are unsure please see our log guide
  5. Email Support with the above information, or have it ready when calling our team. Be prepared to provide additional information or logs, as well as participate in a troubleshooting call with the Halo Support team.

Contact us

All support requests are initially handled by the front-line support team. Please provide as much detail as possible for the Support request (including logs where applicable), preferably in writing, along with the best contact details for us to get in touch.

If a member of the front-line Support team deems a support ticket beyond their ability to resolve, they will escalate it to the relevant Halo Connect team (for example, Engineering or Customer Success).


If your support request is related to Halo Link, please include log files if possible. Receiving log files upfront can significantly improve our response time.

Support Expectations

Please keep in mind, when engaging with Halo Connect support, we will at no point access a 3rd party server and execute changes or investigation for troubleshooting purposes. This is precautionary to prevent the introduction of vulnerabilities or instability into third party company systems and servers.

Our team may initiate a view only screen share, and will happily talk through any server diagnostics or action items with the server technician, but will not make changes to the server on your behalf.

Response time


The SLA outlines the consequences if Halo Connect does not meet its obligations under the SLA, however it should be noted that Halo Connect services are currently in Beta and the SLA is therefore not currently applicable.

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines our support ticket prioritisation and expected response times.

If an issue cannot be handled within the timeframes and targets set forth within the SLA, the support ticket will be escalated to a Halo Connect staff member who is able to expedite a resolution.