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Server changes

If the appropriate steps aren't taken, server changes may result in integrators being unable to query your server. It is important to notify Halo Connect of server changes, whether that be migrations, upgrades or restorations as we may need to reconfigure the instance of Halo Link associated with your PMS ID.

For security reasons, part of this process does require manual intervention by Halo. To decrease downtime during the migration process, contacting us ahead of time could help ensure we are ready to switch your authoritative server over as quickly as possible.

Restoration or cloning

When a server is restored from a backup or the server is clonned, it will clone the pre-existing instance of Halo Link, leaving 2 instances of Link with the same Halo GUID. This causes a conflict between the two instances associated with your PMS ID, which requires manual intervention by the Practice.

If the server has been cloned on a different virtual machine, the unwanted copy will need to be uninstalled. Once it is uninstalled, the wanted copy should be restarted to open a new session.

If the server has been restored from a backup on the same server, the Halo link service will need to be stopped, then started


If an upgrade to your existing server has been completed, you do not need to notify us as there are no changes to Halo, nor will there be a new installation. If you have any concerns or experience issues with integrations please contact Halo Connect Support for further assistance.

Server migrations

If a full server migration has taken place, you will need to work through this migration guide in order to allow integrators to connect, and extract from the new server.

Flowchart diagram (click to expand)
graph TB
    subgraph "Part 2"
        direction LR
        id6[Uninstall Halo Link from the old server]
        id7[Retrieve the Halo GUID from the new server]
        id8[Send Halo Support the new server's Halo GUID]

    subgraph "Part 1"
        direction LR
        id1{"Check if 
        Halo Link is installed 
        on the new server"}
        id2[Review Halo Link requirements]
        id3[Install Bp Premier DU/SP]
        id4{Installed correctly?}
        id5[Contact Halo Support]    
        id1--No -->id2-->id3-->id4
        id4--No -->id5


Because Halo Link is bundled with Best Practice, Halo link may already be installed on your new server.

  1. Navigate to the services application on your Windows server
  2. To verify that Halo Link is installed, scroll down and locate "Halo Link Service" and "Halo Link Updater"
  3. If Halo Link is not intalled, work through system requirements and installation guide, then check again. If Halo Link is still not installed, please contact Halo Connect Support for further assistance.
  1. Uninstall Halo Link from the old server
  2. Retrieve the Halo GUID of the Halo Link installation on the new server
  3. Contact Halo Connect Support and share the retrieved Halo GUID. This allows our team to change which instance of Halo Link associated with this PMS (Practice Management Software) ID is set as authoritative, and able to be queried by integrators